Moustachey Theme raising awareness for Movember

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Last year, we grew moustaches, but we only raised around $200, this year we hoped to surpass that. So we decided to donate $2 to Movember for every Moustachey theme that we sold. Before we decided to do this, we checked the Movember website and checked their FAQs and all looked ok to go ahead. On release of the theme we also contacted Movember UK and Movember US to let them know our plans. Unfortunately we have now been told that because of strict partnership guidelines that Movember have to stick to, we are unable to do this. We will honour the $2 per theme that we had sold before we had to change this and we hope the theme will continue to raise awareness for a great cause.

Don’t worry though, the theme can be fully de-mo’d, reskinned, re-coloured, choose from any Google font, Typekit font or Adobe Edge fonts.

You can see a full list of features on the Features page.